Why book with Zadar City Apartments?

Zadar City Apartments has various accommodation types to suit almost every budget and taste, all graded by a unique quality assurance scheme.

What kind of accommodation does Zadar City Apartments offer?

In our fantastic offer we have several types of accommodation but the most common are various private apartments. We also rent private rooms, small stone houses and villas.

How do I book my accommodation?

Booking through our website is easy. After you select a property you’re interested in booking and sending an enquiry, we will double check the availability with the owner. If you decide to confirm the reservation, we hold the reservation for the next 24 hours until you make the payment of the deposit. After we receive the confirmation of payment, a reservation voucher will be issued with all details including all necessary information. The balance is paid directly to the Agency (in cash only) or at the apartment (in cash only) upon arrival. If you need assistance with the booking process, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Is it safe to make a reservation with Zadar City Apartments?

The Agency will not provide the personal information of the client to a third party, except for the purpose of achieving the reservation. The client gives his/her personal information on his/her own free will. These data are necessary in order of making the reservation and to contact the client.

Are the prices listed on the website per person or per apartment?

The prices listed on our website are per apartment, per night. They are inclusive of taxes and there are no other fees, so the total cost of your stay will simply be number of nights x price per night.

How far in advance do I need to book the property?

We recommend booking as early as possible in order to have best selection of properties and dates. However, we strongly advise you to book your transportation (or at least check the schedules) before booking your accommodation, as flights and ferries from/to some destinations do not operate every day.

What are the check-in and check-out times?

A 3:00 pm check-in and a 10:00 am check-out are customary. These times may be flexible, especially if there are no guests staying before or arriving after your stay. We recommend asking Zadar City Apartments what check-in/check-out times apply to your specific stay. Most property owners will gladly let you leave your luggage at the property before check-in or after check-out, if necessary.

The property I want to book is listed as a “Double room or Studio” – what does that mean exactly?

“Double room or Studio” is a classification given to a property that is either a double room or a studio apartment. The main difference between the two is a kitchenette – a studio apartment has one, whereas a double room does not. The description will clearly indicate if the property is a room or a studio, and whether a kitchenette or other amenities such as kettle or mini fridge are available. If these items are not mentioned in the listing or in the amenities section, then the property does not have them. Please note that all properties, even double rooms, have a private bathroom.

The description of the property I’m looking at doesn’t mention anything about parking or Internet. Am I correct to assume that those things are not available at this property?

Yes, that is correct. The “Amenities” section and descriptive text will list the amenities that are available at a particular property. If an amenity you are looking for does not appear in either of those sections, then the property does not have it.

The property I want to book has a 3-night minimum requirement but I want to stay for only 2 nights. Is it possible for me to book?

Perhaps. The minimum stay requirement varies by property owner, but it is typically 3 nights. Most property owners will accept reservations for shorter stays, but will often charge a 20-30% higher price. If you would like to book a property for less than the minimum nights stay, please contact us for assistance.

My group has more people than the listing says the property sleeps, but we don’t mind sharing beds or having some people sleep on the floor. Can we still book the property?

No. The number of guests listed for the property is the maximum number allowed. Property owners will not accept additional guests unless specifically agreed to in writing prior to the scheduled arrival date. If upon arrival there are more guests than the property allows, and the property owner has not expressly given permission for the extra guests, the property owner may choose to cancel the reservation. In that case, any deposit paid will be forfeited.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

Yes, in order for the reservation to be confirmed, you must pay a deposit in advance. The amount is 30% of the total price and is non-refundable.

What is the cancellation policy?

The deposit paid at the time of booking is non-refundable. Any full or partial cancellation of the reservation prior to arrival will result in the forfeiture of the deposit paid for the canceled nights. In cases of partial cancellation, the deposit paid at the time of booking cannot be applied to the balance due for nights stayed.

What after I make the payment?

The client must make the payment of 30% of the total price to confirm his reservation within 24 hours from the moment of his written confirmation. If everything is fine you will receive a confirmation email with all details you will need for your arrival. Please print that email and bring it with you. If you do not receive the email immediately, please check all mail folders such as Spam and Junk as the emails are sometimes diverted there.

I've reserved my accommodation, but I have some follow-up questions about my stay. Who should I contact?

All post-booking questions or comments should be directed to Zadar City Apartments.

I've reserved my accommodation, but now I need to extend my stay. Who should I contact?

It is generally not a problem to extend your stay, provided that the property you booked is available for additional nights. Please contact us to extend your stay and we will modify your reservation for you.

How do I get the keys? Will somebody be there to greet me?

Upon receiving the confirmation of reservation, Zadar City Apartments will contact you via email to discuss your arrival details. If necessary we can also arrange your transfer. The normal procedure is for you to go directly to the apartment where you will be greeted by the owner and given the keys.

I am scheduled to arrive in a couple of weeks and have not received an email concerning arrival details from Zadar City Apartments. What should I do?

It is quite possible that the Zadar City Apartments' email was diverted to your Junk, Spam, or Bulk folders or simply did not go through. If you cannot find the email, please contact us at the email address provided on your CONFIRMATION OF RESERVATION to inform us of your expected arrival time.

How do I pay the remaining balance?

The remaining balance of the reservation is due directly to the Agency (in cash only) or at the apartment (in cash only) upon arrival.

I have decided to shorten my stay. Can the deposit I paid for the canceled nights be applied to the balance due for the nights I stay?

No. A partial cancellation of the reservation will result in the forfeiture of the deposit paid for the canceled nights. The deposit paid at the time of booking can only be applied to the dates for which that deposit was charged.

I have arrived at the property and have paid the balance for my reservation, but now I need to shorten my stay. Can I get a refund for the canceled nights?

No. Once you have arrived and have paid the balance you are not entitled to a refund for any subsequently canceled nights.

The price on the website is now lower than it was at the time I made my booking. Have I been overcharged?

The prices listed on our website reflect the prevailing prices at that point in time. Sometimes property owners will offer price discounts to generate last-minute bookings or raise prices to reflect improvements to the properties. In these cases, no price adjustments will be made to bookings that were made prior to the implementation of the price change.

Will linens and towels be provided, or do I have to bring my own? What about soap and shampoo?

Linens and towels will be provided, but you will generally have to bring your own soap and other toiletries. If you have any other specific questions about what is included in the property, please email Zadar City Apartments.

Will I receive daily maid service in my room?

Cleaning practices vary among private accommodations, but as a general rule maid service is not provided every day. Owners will provide fresh sheets and towels every 3rd day and cleaning service once a week (for longer stays). If you require fresh towels every day, you may ask the owner directly.

I am flying into Zadar airport. Can you provide a transfer from the airport to my final destination?

Yes, we are happy to offer airport transfers for clients who have booked accommodation with us. Please click here for our price list and to request a transfer.

What travel document do I need to visit Zadar?

A valid passport or some other identification document recognised by international agreement; for certain countries a personal identity card is sufficient (i.e. a document which testifies to the identity and citizenship of the bearer).

What if I want to bring my pet?

You can bring your pet only with the necessary veterinary documentation that certifies the animals’ state of health (cats and dogs must have microchip). If you're bringing more than five animals, it can only be done at border crossings where veterinary inspection is available. If your pet does not meet these criteria, then your entry into the Republic of Croatian may be forbidden, that is, your pet can be returned to the country of origin or quarantined at the border crossing at your expense. Remember, when travelling with your pet, you are responsible for it!

What if I get sick or injured?

There are 2 hospitals in Zadar, but emergency room is placed at one called „Hitna pomoc Zadar“. There is also a big number of ambulances all around the city in case of smaller injuries. Health care used for emergency cases is used in the same manner as for Croatian citizens covered by health insurance. You are not obligated to pay for medical services in case you're covered by health insurance in your country and if a convention of Social Security is signed between your country and Croatia. For persons coming from countries with no signed conventions have to personally bear the costs of medical services.

What number should I call in case of emergency?

In case of emergency or an accident, the number for help is 112. This number can be reached any time regardless your location and it's free of charge.

Is it safe to drink tap water?

Tap water is safe to drink in all of Croatia. Zadar's tap water comes from the river Zrmanja which is consider one of the most purest in the world.

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